Sony A6600 Review

Hey guys, so in this video I’m very excited to finally be checking out the brand new Sony A 6600. A portion of this video is sponsored by square space and all in one platform to create a clean website. So the a 6600 was just released. It was announced several months ago. This is my own copy of it and I’m super excited to test it out and try it out. So let’s see everything that comes in the package. So it comes in a simple small black box inside. You get the camera. You get the brand new Z Battery, a charging cable and a charging brick which I have left at home. Sony branded Alpha strap and your usual assortment of manuals and guides. There’s not a whole lot to the packaging, but here is what the camera looks like. My first impressions I have to say the improved grip is amazing. I wish that Sony put this grip on every single APS C mirrorless camera that they have. Also, while using this camera, I’ve noticed that the buttons on the back, especially the menu and the C3 custom 3 buttons. Are a bit more pronounced, so they’re easier to access with your thumb. You don’t have to dig into push those two buttons anymore on this side. You have the addition of that headphone Jack and then around the bottom the ever important brand new or not. Really new, but new to APS C. The larger Z battery. The only other thing worth noting is the presence of the flip up screen. So now all of the