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In this article, we’re going to review the camera. We’re going to discuss what kind of camera is it, who is it for, its specs, and give you some buying advice whether you should buy it or not.

Additionally, we’re going to be covering alternatives to the to the and the right lenses you should buy for this camera.

You can purchase this camera on Amazon here.


The is a camera that was released in . Its main features are sensor.


The camera measures and has a weight of , which isn’t too much low or too high as compared to other cameras in its price bracket.


  1. Video formats

  2. Sensor size

  3. Megapixel

  4. Built in microphone port


  1. 4K, 1080p

  2. Auto focus modes



  • :
  • Cons:

  • :

    Street photography

    We believe that the is very capable for street photography because of the following functionality:

  • Physical Environmental Sealing:
  • Physical Battery Life:
  • Sports photography

    We believe that the is very capable for sports photography because of the following functionality:

  • Photography Features Continuous Shooting:
  • Physical Environmental Sealing:
  • Autofocus Number Of Focus Points:
  • Photography Features Image Stabilization:
  • Portrait photography

    We believe that the is very capable for portrait photography because of the following functionality:

  • Sensor Sensor Type:
  • Viewfinder Viewfinder:
  • Landscape photography

    We believe that the is very capable for landscape photography because of the following functionality:

  • Physical Environmental Sealing:
  • Sensor Sensor Resolution:
  • Sensor Sensor Type:
  • Vlogging

    We believe that the is very capable for vlogging because of the following functionality:

  • Screen Screen Type:
  • Photography Features Image Stabilization:
  • Video Features Microphone Port:

    Does the have image stabilization?

    Does the have weather sealing?

    Does the have RAW support?

    Can the shoot 4k/60 fps?

    What’s the Max ISO on the ?

    What’s the sensor size on the ?

    Is the full frame?

    Does the have a touch screen?

    Does the have built-in wireless?

    Does the have built-in gps?

    What’s the ‘s max continuous shooting speed?

    What’s the weight of the ?

    What are the dimensions of the ?


  • Autofocus Af Center:
  • Autofocus Af Continuous:
  • Autofocus Af Contrast Detection:
  • Autofocus Af Face Detection:
  • Autofocus Af Live View:
  • Autofocus Af Multi Area:
  • Autofocus Af Phase Detection:
  • Autofocus Af Selective:
  • Autofocus Af Single:
  • Autofocus Af Touch:
  • Autofocus Af Tracking:
  • Autofocus Number Of Cross Focus Points:
  • Autofocus Number Of Focus Points:
  • Connectivity Hdmi:
  • Connectivity Usb:
  • Connectivity Wireless Connectivity:
  • Dxo Sensor Scores :
  • Dxo Sensor Scores Dxo Color Depth:
  • Dxo Sensor Scores Dxo Dynamic Range:
  • Dxo Sensor Scores Dxo Low Light Iso:
  • Dxo Sensor Scores Dxo Overall Score:
  • Exposure Modes Af-area:
  • Exposure Modes Average:
  • Exposure Modes Center Weighted:
  • Exposure Modes Multi-segment:
  • Exposure Modes Partial:
  • Exposure Modes Spot:
  • General Announced:
  • General Body Type:
  • General Brand:
  • General Model:
  • Lens Focal Length Multiplier:
  • Lens Lens Mount:
  • Lens Macro Focus Range:
  • Lens Manual Focus:
  • Lens Number Of Lenses:
  • Other Features Gps:
  • Other Features Self Timer:
  • Other Features Storage Slots:
  • Other Features Storage Type:
  • Other Features Timelapse Recording:
  • Photography Features Ae Bracketing:
  • Photography Features Aperture Priority:
  • Photography Features Built-in Flash:
  • Photography Features Continuous Shooting:
  • Photography Features Custom White Balance:
  • Photography Features Exposure Compensation:
  • Photography Features External Flash:
  • Photography Features Flash Modes:
  • Photography Features Flash Range:
  • Photography Features Image Stabilization:
  • Photography Features Manual Exposure Mode:
  • Photography Features Max Electronic Shutter Speed:
  • Photography Features Max Flash Sync:
  • Photography Features Max Mechanical Shutter Speed:
  • Photography Features Min Shutter Speed:
  • Photography Features Shutter Priority:
  • Photography Features Wb Bracketing:
  • Physical Battery Life:
  • Physical Battery Model:
  • Physical Battery Type:
  • Physical Crush Proof:
  • Physical Dust Proof:
  • Physical Environmental Sealing:
  • Physical Freeze Proof:
  • Physical Physical Dimensions:
  • Physical Shock Proof:
  • Physical Water Proof:
  • Physical Weight:
  • Screen Live View:
  • Screen Screen Resolution:
  • Screen Screen Size:
  • Screen Screen Type:
  • Screen Touch Screen:
  • Sensor Max Boosted Iso:
  • Sensor Max Image Resolution:
  • Sensor Max Native Iso:
  • Sensor Min Boosted Iso:
  • Sensor Min Native Iso:
  • Sensor Raw Support:
  • Sensor Sensor Area:
  • Sensor Sensor Dimensions:
  • Sensor Sensor Resolution:
  • Sensor Sensor Size:
  • Sensor Sensor Type:
  • Video Features Headphone Port:
  • Video Features Max Video Resolution:
  • Video Features Microphone Port:
  • Video Features Video Formats:
  • Video Features Video Resolutions:
  • Viewfinder Viewfinder:
  • Viewfinder Viewfinder Coverage:
  • Viewfinder Viewfinder Magnification:
  • Viewfinder Viewfinder Resolution:

    The is a very capable camera that’s suitable for a variety of different situations and environments. Because of its large sensor, it’s able to capture high quality images without any issues.

    Purchase it on Amazon here.

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