Sony A7iii vs Sony A6500

Hey guys so today I’m taking a look at the Sony A7 three and I hate this camera. Not because it’s a bad camera but because it makes all of my other cameras look like garbage. So we’re going to check this out and I’m going to do a comparison to the a 6500 just for those of you who are thinking about upgrading or those of you who are maybe just curious about what the differences are in the real world between the a 6500 and this a 7 three. So let’s get started. So here are the two cameras next to each other, an immediately what you can tell is how much larger the A7 three is in comparison to the a 6500. If you are used to shooting with the compact a 6500 it will take some getting used to the larger body. Now both of these cameras have the kit lenses on them. You can see the 16 to 50 power zoom lens and then this is the 18 to 70 full frame kit lens which is also a variable 3.5 to 5.6 a 6500. Is 564 grams compared to 938 grams with the a 7 three? The lenses that you use on the a 6500 can be used on the A7 Mark three and vice versa. So as you can tell here, the sensor on the A7 mark three is significantly larger. I would say almost twice as large as the one on the a 6500 so that is a crop sensor versus a full frame sensor and at the end of the day. That is what you are buying. This A7 four is for that sensor, it’s full frame. It’s awesome. I’ll show you guys some sample videos here shortly. The A7 three shoots up to 10 frames per second. Versus the a 65111 frames per second. Both cameras offer five axis in body stabilization, so if you’re shooting handheld video, it’s going to make a little bit of a difference. It will make your shots alittle more stable. It also helps with photos as it takes away some of the blurriness caused by camera shake. Both cameras have Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a similar color coded menu system as you can see here. Now there are a lot more options with the a 7 three because there are many more settings with this camera. But if you’re familiar with the menu of the, a 65108 will be a piece of cake to adjust to the A7 three. So those are some of the similarities. Let’s talk about the differences. There are a lot more physical controls you can see. There’s a lever here on the front, C2 and C1, which is similar. You have your mode dial switch. You have an exposure dial here lever here. Auto focus on AL joystick. The record button has been moved up to the corner from this side on the a 65. The menu button is over here as well as a C3. Now what you’ll notice on this camera is that there is no pop up flash. The 6500 does have an integrated flash there. As far as connections, the A7 has a bunch of them, so you have a microphone in. You also haven’t headphone out so you can monitor your audio. You have Micro HDMI, a USB type C, so you can charge the camera if you’re doing like live streams. And then you also have a multi USB connection here. Compare that to the a 6500 where you only have a microphone, a USB and a Micro HD MI. The screen on the back of the A7 three is larger than that on the a 6500. However, it’s the same resolution, one of the biggest additions to the A7. Three is the addition of dual card slots, which allow you to shoot simultaneous videos on two slots, which is especially useful if you’re using the camera for wedding photography an you don’t want to lose any of your photos. Or videos finally, the A7 also includes Sony’s new Z series battery, which is about twice as large and has over twice the capacity of the FW50 battery, which is included with EA 6500, so the benefit of this is you can use the camera almost all day without having to worry about swapping out batteries every couple of hours. Another huge feature of the A7 three is the autofocus points. You get a whopping 693 autofocus points. Whereas you have 425 with the a 6500. Even the shutter speed is improved on the A73 as it could go as fast as one over 8000 versus one over 4000 on the a 6500. Now as far as video, both cameras are capable of doing 4K at up to 30 frames per second and 100 megabits per second. An full HD up to 120 frames per second. There are a couple of small differences though, so the A7. Mark 3 actually has a 1.2 times crop, one recording at 30 frames per second in 4K, whereas the a 6500 has no crop. What that means, in simple terms, is that you’re going from a 6K image down to 4K with a 6500, and you’re going from a 5K image down to 4K with the A7 at least when you’re shooting at 30 frames per second. Now at 24 frames per second, both cameras will shoot 4K with no crop. Alright, so I have been using both of these cameras side by side for the last couple of days, so these are. My conclusions now what I’m going to do is start by talking a little bit more about just full frame Sony cameras in general. I’ve never been a huge fan of full frame. Sony’s at least not the older models, because when the A7 came out, a 7 two A7 S A7 S 2, none of them really had a great autofocusing system that was always the big selling point when it came to the A6000, eight, 6300, and 6500. That simply is not the case anymore with the a 7 three, as this autofocus system. Is even better than that on the a 6500 now it’s important to establish is that the a 6500 is a great camera to begin with. It’s awesome. The A6000 is the great camera. This thing is pretty amazing if you watch some comparisons between the a 6500 an other cameras in the price range this thing is impressive, especially in video mode, especially when you’re talking about four K footage. So when I took this camera an I put my favorite Sony 35 millimeter lens on it. And then I did some side-by-side shots with the Sony A7, three with a cheap oh 50 millimeter F 1.8 lens. That is the CL50F18F. This is what I saw. So it didn’t matter if I was just shooting the cameras in aperture priority in auto settings or I was matching the settings from both cameras. It is very clear to see that the image coming out of the A7 three is much sharper and much more clear than that coming from the a 6500. And these are just normal photographs. If you look at landscapes, the same thing happens, stopping down each of the lenses to F 5.6. You can see that the A7 has much greater detail. You can see that the dark areas are darker, there’s more contrast, and in general the image looks nicer when you are shooting portraits in low light. The difference is even greater as the A73 just walks away from the a 6500 and again, to reiterate, I’m using a great lens. My favorite lens on the Sony A 6500 and comparing it to a $160.00 used lens that I picked up for the Sony A7 three. So after looking at those side-by-side images. I went online and did some more research and I found that according to DX Omark, any sensor on the A7 three was rated even higher than that on the A9, which is a $4500 Sony camera. Now when you compare this sensor score to the sensor score on the a 6500, it’s a significant difference and where you see the biggest differences when it comes to low light and sports photography in which the A7 three is really in a class of its own. So this got me thinking, what would happen if I use the exact same lens? On both the a 6500 and this a 7 three. So what I did was I took my Zeiss 24 which is a $1000 lens. I used it on my a 6500 and then I mounted the same lens to the A7 three and then I shot a picture in crop mode which is very easy to get too. In fact I programmed one of these top buttons to just switch from full frame to Kraken. As you can clearly tell the A7 three image is still much more clear an what is very interesting. Is that the colors look nicer, at least in my eyes. So Sony did an amazing job with this sensor on the A7 three. I was not expecting that at all and it does not disappoint. So let’s take a look at some sample photos and videos from the A7. Three an most of these are going to be done with the Cheapo 50 millimeter F 1.8 prime lens for full frame cameras. I’m in love. So that. You The other one. When? Sure. Surely you’re good in the car times before the freeze overnight grows. Body Grace of anti clothes needs a new server. Who? Running things and falling so. Do you? Holding on to you. Do you? Do you? Do you, do you? Holding on to you. Hedjet So that is it for the sample photos and videos. This thing is an amazing camera and I wish it wasn’t so amazing because then I would not want one. Now if you guys are looking online these things are back ordered Amazon you have to wait about one to two months. B&H is about one month back. Ordered on these camera bodies just because of how popular they are. I think that there are going to be a lot of Canon and Nikon users and maybe even some Fuji users that are going to make the switch to the A73. Just because it’s a very capable all around camera, you can use it for sports photography, wedding photography, low light. It’s great at video. It really is as impressive and well worth the hype that is receiving online. Now if I were to go on another trip I would most likely miss these smaller compact form factor of the a 6500 so I would lean more towards taking that with me versus something as big and as heavy as this full frame camera. Like I said before, the other full frame Sony cameras never really appealed to me. But the fact that this thing is their entry level, an budget camera. It has everything that the a 6500 has and then some and they are offering it at $2000 which is a lot of money. But when you look at the a 6500 at 1400 it’s $600 more. You’re getting full frame, you’re getting bigger batteries. You’re getting a much better sensor, better low light performance. There are a lot of reasons you can use to justify switching to a full frame a 7 three. Now. That being said, I do not think that. APS C is dead. I know that some people on YouTube or already saying this is the APS C killer. That’s just dumb. I think that people like these small form factor of the a 6500, the A6000 that I have here, which I still use almost on a daily basis. These are great cameras, there compact and they still are better than so many other larger cameras out there. But if you are in the market for a brand new camera and you have the budget for it, definitely check this thing out. You probably will be just as impressed. As I have been using it over the last couple of days, shout out to my buddy drive by reviews who also has a YouTube channel for letting me borrow this camera an review it and take all of these crazy pictures with it. I’m using the Sony A 6500 with the 35 millimeter lens and now I’m switching over to the A7 with the 50 millimeter lens. Here is the image that you get with the A7. Mark three with the 50 millimeter cheap prime lens. As you could probably tell, I really like this camera and I am going to buy one for myself eventually. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait because it’s back ordered, but I will probably buy one an not even replace my a 6500 but just use it for these shots right here for the channel. If you guys are in the market for a new camera and you’re thinking about a 6500 versus a 7 three. I’d encourage you to check out both, but I would steer you more towards the A7 three because I feel like it’s a lot more future proof. It’s a camera that you could probably buy an use for the next three years for years without really having to upgrade, because it really has everything that you would ever want in a camera, so that is going to be it for this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it and learn something. If you guys are interested in checking out more specs and features and fun stuff about this thing, I will post links down below to Amazon and B&H, so check those out. By using those links you do help support the channel, so thank you guys so much as always. Thank you guys for all of your likes, comments and support. And don’t worry, I’m not leaving a PSC. I don’t think it’s dead. I’m going to keep my A6000 and eight 6500 probably for a long time and continue making lens reviews, but this full frame will open up a whole New World and maybe a whole bunch of other full frame lenses so you guys will enjoy more content as a result. Anyway, that is going to be it. Thank you guys so much. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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