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Hey guys, so this video is going to be a little bit different. It’s kind of like 4K live video but it’s not actually live anyway. Sony announced the a 6400 last week interesting announcement. A lot of thoughts of my own but I figured in this video what I wanted to do was go through kind of a Q&A with questions from you guys. So I have think 5 or 6 pages of questions I’m just going to go through one by one, read them and then answer them. Actually, before I jump into the questions I guess it would probably be a good idea to go. Over kind of what the announcement entailed. For those of you who may have not been paying attention or missed it, really. You can summarize it by naming five points. The first thing that the new age 6400 has is continuous eye auto focus, which is awesome for portraits. It’s something that even Sony’s higher end cameras, like the A73 doesn’t even have. Then it has object tracking, so again the autofocus. The two main areas of improvement are related to auto focus on this new camera, so it has a really good. Object focusing system so excited to check that out and see what that’s all about. Third thing is the a 6400 does have a flip out screen which is why all of the bloggers out there are going nuts. The fourth thing Sony says the color science is improved so you’re going to get more natural skin tones with photos. An in video. Not only do you get better skin tones and colors, but you also get HLG which is another color grading. Kind of like S log, but better. Last thing that I’ll mention is that there is no longer a recording limit on the a 6400, so you no longer have to shoot 30 minutes at a time. You can shoot unlimited and according to those who have gotten their hands on the pre production versions of these cameras, apparently the battery life is better and it does not overheat anywhere near as quickly as the A 6865 hundred, 6300 etc. So that is pretty much it. The Gist of the overview, I know that many people were disappointed. Many people were excited, but let’s jump into the questions. Let’s start with the first one, which is, I guess, not really a question surprise. Sony didn’t invite you to the a 6400 event. Yes, I am surprised as well. What’s ironic is the same youtubers who were yelling APS C is dead were invited to the event and now they’re saying that it’s the best thing on the planet. Maybe next time Sony next question. Hey, I have a question. I’m pre ordering the new age 6400. I like the spec, but there is no Ibis in body image stabilization. I am thinking of buying the Sigma 56 but it has no optical stabilization as well. Do you think I should buy the Sigma or not? Please advise that is a very good question. If you guys have been watching this channel for any length of time you probably know that. I do think that the Sigma lenses for the Sony email or the best available so in particular the Sigma 16, Sigma 30 and Sigma 56 millimeter all at one point. Or I think those are the three best lenses that you can get for this APS C line of cameras and all three of those lenses do not have any stabilization. So how much of a factor is that? I’d say for photos it’s not a huge deal. In fact, when I reviewed those three lenses side by side, I did it all on my A6000. All the photos that I took were on my E 6000, so no stabilization in the body and there was never a moment when I was shooting with that camera in any one of those three lenses where I thought. Man, I wish my camera had stabilization again. I was not taking video on that trip that I took those lenses on, but for photos I didn’t really miss stabilization. That being said, if you are shooting video, I do think it is important to have some sort of stabilization if you’re moving around. By the same token, I don’t think in body stabilization or Sony’s Ibis is that great. If I’m truly honest, you really do need a gimbal to get the best results. And if you’re using a gimbal, it doesn’t matter if you throw the a 6500 or the 6400 or DBA 6000 on it, it’s all going to look very nice and smooth. So yes, it is a disappointment that the new age 6400 does not have in body image stabilization. But I don’t think that that should discourage you from buying excellent lenses from Sigma. And let me see this right here. If the new age 6400 did include Ibis, then it would be better than the a 6500. And there would be no reason for anyone to go out and buy in a 6500. So I think that Sony is smart in the sense that they are marketing it as a stepping point. It’s below the age 6500 in the numbering scheme, it’s entry level, but in reality it’s better in my opinion in every single way as it compares to the a 6500. Except for that Ibis. So I’m thinking that there are going to be a lot of people who have a 65 hundreds who will end up upgrading. Or down grading two and a 6400 because the features that are included on that camera are pretty impressive. Alright, next question. Sony A 6400 or Panasonic Lumix G9. I don’t know. I do not follow Panasonic very closely at all. In fact, I don’t even know what the G9 is. I’m assuming it’s a small kind of Micro 4 thirds or APS C camera. The problem with Panasonic has been the same issue that Panasonic has had for the last like three or four years and that is auto focus. The cameras are amazing, they have great features, color profiles are excellent, they’re nice and sharp. The lens selection is decent. The problem with Panasonic has always been autofocus. I cannot count the number of times that someone. On YouTube, popular Youtuber has gone. I’m switching to a GH5 did it for month couple of months and now they’re switching back to a 6500 because of the autofocus performance. That is why I’ve personally stuck with Sony APS. CI think that the autofocus is unparalleled. Know their camera manufacturer, does autofocus as well as Sony does, and this new age 6400 takes it a step above pretty exciting. Next question, I’d like more info on the new app. And photo transfer upload options for the 6400. Me too. So apparently they are phasing out the Playmemories app and replacing it with a new app that should allow you to transfer video, which is really awesome directly to your cell phone. Then you can upload it, so I’m excited to check that out. Obviously that feature is going to be rolling out to all camera models A6000. I’m assuming an up if you 100 will probably get it as well. Next question which benefit cost? Is better A6000 or eight 6400? So I guess the real question is which camera gives you better bang for your Buck? I still do think the A6000 is the better camera for the price point. I mean, you really can’t beat getting a camera like in a 6000 for 400 four $150. It’s really tough to beat so a 6400 is coming in at $900 so it’s twice the price, if not a little bit more than four photos. If you were to take a 6864 hundred. Give them the same lens. Go out and shoot photographs. I guarantee you that the two images you will get will be almost identical. Next question is the Sony A 6400 the same size of the a 6500 or the size of the Sony A50 one 100? The answer to that is it’s the same size as the a 6500. I think it has the same grip, same battery. Next question a 7, three or the new age 6400. That’s an interesting one. If you were given the option of either one, I’m assuming that most of you would probably choose the A73. That’s The One I would choose. It’s a full frame camera. You can’t beat the sensor on the A7. Three. That is what I think is my biggest disappointment with the. A 6400 is Sony releases a new camera, but the sensor is honestly the exact same thing that they’ve had for years and years and years now, so I was anticipating a new improved APS C sensor. Something that was in a 7 three but scaled down. And that’s not what the announcement was about. So when choosing between those two cameras, even though the a 6400 may have some better I autofocus tracking features, I still think the A7 three is going to be the better overall camera. Next question, how many C buttons are on the new age 6400? An memory setups possible, so there are three on the a 6500, two on the a 6400. They did that on purpose because they probably didn’t want to step on the sales of the Sony A 6500 next question. So will we see a 6700? Or a totally new a 7000 in the near future. That is the question of the year. I wish I could answer that one. The disappointing aspect of Sony announcing a new camera is that because they’ve just announced something new, they can in theory take their time an release something like the a 6600 or eight 6700 maybe a year from now. Maybe we won’t see it until 2020. It would be exciting if they released it this year, but who knows. So I know that it’s coming. I know that they will. Inevitably release something that is a follow up to the a 6500 something that’s a step above that, but who knows when that will happen a 6400. Do you think Sony priced it right at $898? Basically $900 for the body only? Or do you think not having image stabilization will hurt its sales? So I do think that the pricing is right now the a 6500 is sitting right around $1200 right now, so it’s $300 more. And if you buy in a 6400 at $900, you’re getting a camera that is better than the a 6500. Again, I’ve said that in my opinion, it’s better than the a 6500, except for not having stabilization built into the camera body, I don’t think that Sony needs to carry all of these camera lines. I mean, at some point you’d think that they’re going to chop off the A 5100 or the A6000 and just kind of transition into only selling. A 6400, a 6600, whatever it is the new models, but Sony seems to like keeping the old bottles around for five years or more and continuing to sell them, so I don’t know about that marketing strategy. Next question, not about the 6400, but what’s your take on the a 7000 and what is your realistic wish list for it? Assuming it’s something that you’re looking forward to, your assumption is correct. Yes, I am looking forward to the replacement for the a 6500. If I had three things on my wishlist, number one would be an improved sensor. So something like the A7 three but scaled down for APS C. That would be amazing. Remember 2 would be the new battery, so instead of the tiny little MP50 batteries, maybe the bigger battery from the A7 three would be awesome and #3 would be 4K60. That would be amazing. So that’s just my personal wishlist. You guys have another wishlist. Comment down below next question. Can you please do a comparison on the new age 6400 and eight 6500? Yes, I’ll do it. By the way, I should have mentioned I already preordered the a 6400. If you guys are interested in pre ordering it I’ll have a link down below. I’m excited about it. I really am at the end of the day. I think it’s going to be a great camera. I think it’s going to sell well. So yes, once I get my hands on it I will do a comparison next question. A 6400 dot dot dot a joke dot dot dot Sony should make more APS C good lenses. An something like the Fuji Film X T3I? Guess that’s not really a question, but I’m going to address it. I don’t think they 6400 is a joke. I don’t think it’s the best thing in the world, but I don’t think it’s the worst either. I do agree that Sony should make more APS C lenses, more good ones, something like a fast walk around again 16 to 50 F two. I mean, how long do we have to wait for that? And as far as Sony making something like the Fuji film XT 360, three is like a $2200 camera with an APS C sensor. If Sony came out with something like that for $2300, everyone would be screaming at the top of their lungs because it would be way too expensive. But interesting idea I suppose. Let’s move on next question. Sad that the a 6400 does not have Ibis. what I have recognized, sadly is that in real life the Sigma 1.4 lenses are pretty useless without any stabilization. An bad focusing. I don’t really agree with that. I guess it’s not really a question either. Take a look at my trifecta trio Sigma Review. All of those sample images that I took were done on my A6000 without any stabilization. I don’t have the most steady hands in the world, but the lenses work perfectly fine without. Ibis next question is the a 6400 better than an A 6500 in my opinion. Personally, looking at the specs, looking at the video and Sony release notes, I do think it is better except for Ibis next question does the new age 6400 have better focus tracking or any new focus tracking options over the age 6500? The answer is yes and yes, continuous eye autofocus object tracking. Basically the new age 6400, the way that it works. The camera will focus on the eyes if the subject turns then it will focus on the face and then if you kind of turn away and walk around then it will start focusing on the object. So it’s kind of like a three layer focus system. Really unique, really cool and I cannot wait for Sony to start releasing this with newer cameras. I think that it will start to become very difficult to take a blurry photograph with an auto focus like that. As far as the second part of the question. Is also could these new features be made available to the a 6500 through future firmware updates? In theory, yes. But I think that the processor on the new age 6400 is a lot more efficient and more advanced, so I don’t think that that is going to happen. Maybe some of the new features will trickle down to the a 6500, but I don’t think that the a 6500 will get a firmware 4.0 and get continuous eye autofocus. Next question, are you buying the a 6400? Yes I have it on pre order. A 6000 user. Is there improvement to the low light capability of the a 6400 versus older? I don’t think so. The sensor is pretty much a carryover from the A6000 onward now. Sony has made slight improvements to the sensor with the a 6300 but as far as low light performance I think the A 6863 hundred 865 and this new age 64. Are probably going to be about the same, so I would not expect any huge differences in regards to low light abilities. Next question is kind of long, but I’ll summarize. Basically the question is, would it benefit someone like me who owns and a 6500 to switch to in a 6400? And so we’ve talked about it through the course of this video a little bit. Obviously the sensor is the same, the autofocus is improved. Yes, you have some other features such as color profiles, better color profiles. In video you have no recording limit. Which is kind of a big one when you think about it. So if you’re recording like an hour long video doing weddings where you’re going to be filming for long periods of time, that’s a big deal. Obviously the drawback is the battery you’re going to have to have some sort of external battery pack or plug it into a power source, but not having a recording limit is awesome. Also, the overheating issue seems to have improved quite a bit from what I’ve seen online anyway. It seems like the a 6400 can record over an hour without overheating. Which is pretty amazing. So in all of those areas it is an improvement. Then you have the colour science improvement as well. I do think that the camera is better than the a 6500. Like I’ve said numerous times before except for the Ibis. So you kind of have to weigh. How much video are you going to be shooting? Are you shooting on a tripod? In which case Ibis doesn’t matter? Or are you running around logging? In which case Ibis would definitely help. Or do you have a gimbal, in which case it doesn’t matter, you stick in a 6400 on a gimbal versus in a 6500 on a gimbal. You’ll get these same exact shot, so it’s a tough choice if you do not own a 6500 an you’re considering buying a 6400 versus and a 6500. I think it’s kind of a no brainer and just go with a 6400 three $100 cheaper. I think it’s a better camera. Let’s move on to the next question first time comment here. Long time viewer of your video. Really great job for Sony APS C users. The new age 6400 is targeting videos but without in body stabilization but with the flip screen. I would prefer in body stabilization more but the most unknown point should be the sensor as such photo user should not pick this thing up. I guess it’s not really a question if you’re strictly buying a camera for photo work you will get 95% of the performance. Of the a 6400 with something like the A6000 which will run you $450 again. There’s no point in spending more if you’re not going to be using those video features, so something to be aware of right next question, I wonder what you think the next series of cameras will have for us photographers. I myself would like a better low light sensor instead of more megapixels. Yeah, I mean low light is really pretty good with the APS C line of cameras from Sony. When you compare them to. Other cameras on the market now a lot of low light performance questions like this have to do more with the lens, so I would definitely recommend getting a good fast prime lens that will help you a lot in low light situations. But you’re absolutely right. what I would like to see with the next series of cameras is for them to stick a very nice sensor like the one in the A7 three, but scaled down into a smaller body. Next question test the a 6400 overheating. I will do that. Thank you. Next, would it be worth it to upgrade from an A6000 Two and a 6400? Or better to go for in a 6500? So if you have any 6000 now and you’re thinking about upgrading to the a 64 or a 65, you really have to ask yourself how much video are you shooting? Obviously you’re jumping from 1080P to 4K, which is a big leap in the NBA 6400. Not only is it cheaper than the a 6500, it’s a little bit more future proof. Again, the only thing that the a 65 has on it. Is that Ibis next question a 6400? Personally, I think it was not really necessary since it’s not really an improvement over the age 6500. I disagree with that. I do think that there are improvements over the age 6500, the autofocus, which I suppose the auto focus has always been great on Sony’s APS C line anyway, so Sony really didn’t need to improve it, but they did, and I do think that the continuous eye auto focus the object tracking is going to make a big difference. Especially if you’re shooting sports, like if you’re doing like kids soccer games, any sort of sports, photography, animals, wildlife, even portrait work. I mean, you really cannot beat the new autofocus system in the a 6400, so it’s a huge improvement. Color science is also updated as I mentioned before and then the new HLG color profile. The flip up screen, the No recording limit. I mean, you can’t say those things that I just listed off are not an improvement over the age 6500. They are this question continues. There is a rumored high-end, a 7000 on the way. That’s correct. Wondering if Sony only did the a 6400 to finally give us the long *** for flip screen ’cause they might not have added a flip screen on the a 7000 or the a 6600 or the a 6700. and I agree with that. I would not be surprised if Sony released something like the Sony A 6600. That’s a an upgrade over the age 6500 with Ibis. All the features of the a 6400 but without the flip out screen I could see them doing something like that. Next question. I have a Sony A 6300. Is it worth upgrading to the a 6400? That’s a tough one. I do think it’s worth it in some regards. Only if you’re using it for video. Again, if you’re just taking photos with your a 6300, keep it. Do not upgrade but if you are shooting a lot of video you are going to see an improvement with the a 6400 and the cool thing about Sony cameras is you could probably still sell your a 6300. On the market for $700.00 six 157 fifty around that price range, at least here in the US. And then you’d spend $200 on an upgrade to a 6400, which I think for the features that you’re getting is well worth the money. Next question, would you upgrade from an A6000 two and a 6400 or wait for the rumored high end? APS C camera was pretty disappointed with the announcement yesterday, so again, it depends on what you’re using it for. You really have to think about. How you use your camera if you’re just taking photographs, this is not a reason for you to upgrade unless you’re doing a lot of sports photography or you’re doing a lot of portrait work. Are you doing nature shots where you can utilize the new features of the autofocus tracking system? Then Yes, maybe it is time to upgrade. If you’re shooting a lot of video and you want the video capabilities of the new age 6400, then that is certainly a good reason to upgrade. You also get a flip up screen, no record limit. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of reasons to upgrade, and as far as waiting for the rumored high end camera that could take another year, could take another year and a half. Maybe it’ll come out this year, in which case we’ll see a whole bunch of a 6400 cameras on the used market. Next question I was planning on getting the Sony A63 and the Sigma 30 this month. I’m on a limited budget. Should I wait and save more money to buy the a 6400 or just stay with the a 63 if you’re in that situation? You’re probably spending what $700.00 for the a 6300 versus 900 for the a 64. Just get the a 64. All of the additional features. It’s well worth it. It’s going to be more future proof. You’ll be much happier with saving up $200 and getting the better camera versus cheaping out now and then regretting it later on. Is it better to have Ibis or have a flip out screen? That’s a tough one. I mean most people are very much into recording themselves. Blogging is kind of the in thing right now on YouTube, so for most people I’d say the flip out screen is more important. That’s probably why Sony included it. If Sony had included the Ibis and the flip out screen on the a 6400 from a marketing standpoint, I think they would have had to price it above the a 6500 and probably named it something like the a 6600 because it would be better than the 6500. So again I think that Sony is playing it. Correctly, even though it’s not a camera with all of the features that we have all been waiting for, and I guess the exciting thing about the announcement is now we have confirmation that Sony will inevitably release a higher end APS C camera, something that’s an improvement over all of the previous APS CE Mount lineup cameras that they’ve had. So that is something to look forward to, but who knows how long that will take? Last question, any new lenses from Sony? No, they did not announce. Any new lenses, which is disappointing because we need new lenses. Come on Sony, get it together. I am hoping that maybe this year Sony will announce something like a walk around fast F 2.8 constant aperture zoom lens. Something that you can replace your kit lens with. Or maybe they should just upgrade the kit lens the 16 to 50. I think it’s time for an upgrade. That lens has been around for what 5 six years now? So anyway as always I will be reviewing new lenses as they come out on this channel that is going to be it for this Q&A. Hopefully that was helpful for some of you. For those of you who submitted. Questions, thank you guys so much. Hopefully I got to your question answered it if not if you have any comments about the questions that I answered, any additional questions? Comment down below. The conversation will kind of continue. All respond to you really super excited to receive the a 6400 at the end of February so once it gets here I will be posting a review and kind of first impressions of that camera. But overall to summarize kind of this video of my personal thoughts on it. Kind of disappointed in some ways but also excited because it means that Sony has. A lot up its sleeve and the fact that Sony is constantly innovating with new features like the focus tracking and continuous eye auto focus is a really awesome thing. They have not forgotten about us. APS C Sony users. An APS C is certainly nowhere near dead, so that is it for me. Thank you guys so much as always. Thanks for all of your likes, comments and support. Stay tuned for more and have a nice day. Bye bye.

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