Sony A5100 is a Great Vlogging Camera

Hey guys, if you’ve been a subscriber for at least the last month, you may have seen my video where I explained how my A6000 broke and how it fixed itself and how I took apart a lens. Anyway, part of that video I mentioned that while I was dealing with this broken A6000, I went out and I purchased a new camera and this is what I bought. It is the Sony Alpha, A 5100 and in this video I want to just give you a brief overview. And kind of my first impressions of this camera. I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks and my wife’s been using it a lot over the last couple of weeks, so let’s check it out. Ever since I’ve purchased my Sony A6000, I always viewed the A 5100 as a downgrade as a less featured worse camera and really using it over the last few weeks, that opinion has changed for the better and this camera has truly impressed me. There are a lot of things that I like about it. In fact there are a bunch of features in this camera that make it almost more appealing than the A6000 in some regards. So let’s start by taking a tour around this camera and checking it out. Up close, so the first thing that you notice when you pick up this camera is if you’ve handled any 6000. This is even smaller. It is both thinner and lighter and you can tell by just taking a look at the top of the camera so you have the A 5100 logo here along with a pop up flash button. That’s how it looks now. What you will see is missing is the electronic viewfinder or EVF. There is no EVF with the 5100, so if you were working outside in direct sunlight and you can’t see the screen, you may have some problems at the top you have an on off switch which is a little different. In addition around the shutter you have a zoom. Toggle so you can go wide and telephoto, and that can control the lens and so with the kit lens. What’s interesting is that you have three ways that you can control zoom unless you disable it in the settings, but you can control zoom here. You can control zoom here with. The kit lens and you can control zoom here on the lens. The group is noticeably smaller than that on the A6000, so it feels a lot more like a point and shoot camera than it does a DS LR. At the top as well, I should mention there are stereo microphones, which are OK. They’re about as good as the 6000, maybe slightly worse, but not by much. You have a dedicated record, an movie button, here similar controls to the A6000, so you have Rotary. We’ll hear you have ISO display shooting mode as well as exposure. You have a play button. You have a trash and the question mark button on the bottom. You have the same tripod Mount. The battery is orientated a different way, so instead of perpendicular like in the A6000 it runs parallel to the body. And also you’ll notice that there is no SD card here, because the SD card is on the left side. So you open this up. There is your SD card slot. Insert that back in. Also on this side you have a power and charge connection, as well as many HD MI out and what’s nice is there’s a little flap here. Right there where you can charge it without having to keep the door open. So nice touch you have the same amount system. In fact, you have the exact same sensor as on the A6000. All in a slightly smaller package. Now what makes this camera different? An makes it a little bit more special is that the LCD on the back. Not only is it touch screen, so you can touch to focus. It is a flip out screen for blogging. This is the camera to get looking through the menus. It is very similar to the A6000. I mean everything here is basically the same. There are a couple of additional features on the A6000, But all of the settings that you would ever want or truly need are here. You have shooting mode image size, you have aspect ratio quality. This camera does record an XAV CS. In fact the A 5100 was the one of the first cameras that recorded. Using XAV CS and the Sony A6000 only started recording an XAV CS after a firmware update after about a year in production over the last couple of weeks, I have been using this camera in various environments, and in fact my wife has started blogging exclusively with the a 5100 and she loves it. I mean she has always wanted a flip out screen and now she has one and not only is this camera very inexpensive, but it’s lightweight. It still has excellent autofocus. I found that the auto focus on this camera is just as good as that on the A6000. However, the fact that you can use the touchscreen to focus on objects behind you or to focus on yourself if you’re blogging is really, really nice. It makes focusing so much easier than trying to depress the shutter while you’re holding the camera in front of you. The sensor is the same comparing images side by side. You would be really hard pressed to tell a difference between this camera in the A6000. I mean they are identical, I mean honestly they are identical, so it is truly a great camera just to show you what it’s capable of. I’ve put together some random montage video clips, so here we go. Oh my God. So that is it for the sample videos as you guys can probably tell. I really do like this camera a lot puts a smile on my face every time I use it because it makes for a great blog camera and that’s really the gist of this video. As an overview, I didn’t expect the A 5100 to perform as good as it does. There are a lot of logging options out there, and this is certainly a great one because it’s small. It’s almost as small as an RX-100. However, it gives you the ability to swap out lenses and upgrade if you ever decide to if you ever need a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens. You can always swap it out. And go out and continue shooting, which is not something that you can do with the RX-100 or the G7X. The autofocus is excellent as I mentioned, the build quality is pretty good. It’s not amazing, but it’s decent. Definitely something that you can toss in a bag and take with you the big selling point of this camera, however, is the price point because you get a lot for your money. I dare even say you get more for your money than even within a 6000 now you don’t have any electronic viewfinder, so. It’s not great for quote Unquote professional work or semi professional work, but for casual users, if you’re just wanting to take pictures of your friends, if you want to go on vacation and use the camera to take pictures, or you want to log your trips in Europe, this is certainly a great option. You can pick them up new from Amazon for around 499, I believe. Altogether. However, you can also pick up use from Amazon warehouse, or you can search on eBay. I picked this one up for 200. And $75 just for the body itself, which I think is amazing. Under $300 you are getting a very, very capable camera. Definitely think the A6000 is geared more towards professional use and the A 5100 is more for the casual user. In fact I am going to do a 3 way comparison between the A 5100, the A6000 and the a 6300. So stay subscribed and stay tuned for that video. So that is going to be it for this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it and learn something. If you guys are in the market for a budget, vlogging, camera, definitely check out the A 5100. I’ll post links down below if you guys are interested. As always, thank you guys for watching. Thanks for all of the likes and all of the support and I will see you in the next video. Bye bye.

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