7 Best Sony A6000 Accessories

I'm going over the top 7 accessories for the Sony A6000.

#1. Anyone who owns in A6000 will know that you go through batteries a lot. This is my recommendation for a battery charger. Now this is sold as a kit. It comes with a spot for two batteries so you can charge two at once with the little brick and this detach is so it's not that difficult to travel with. It's definitely nice to have two batteries that you could charge at once you can. See which one is charged based on the light indicators on the top, which glow red and green. I don't travel without mine and if I do I usually pack like a lot of extra batteries that are all fully charged.

#2. A lot of people don't talk about SD cards, but it is obviously important to have a decent SD card for your camera, especially if you're recording 4K video on the A6300 or A6500. So this is the SD card that I use all the time. Well, this is an upgraded model of it. It is the SanDisk extreme pro and you can get these in a wide variety of sizes. I recommend going 64 gigs or higher, have a 64 and a 128. Anything over 100 megabytes per second should be just fine. 

#3 is perhaps the cheapest accessory that you can get for your A6000 and that is extension tubes. So what these are are making extension tubes and what they allow you to do is take macro shots using any lens. On your camera, so even the kit lens, the 16 to 50. Nice thing about these is there is plastic which I prefer over the metal ones because there's less probability that it's going to damage something. You can use one or the other or both of them together to get even closer to your subject.

#4 has to do with lighting and this is my favorite flash for the Sony A6000 because it's Super Compact. This is also made by Mickey. This is the speed light MK320. Now it runs on two AA batteries which. You can get anywhere. You can tilt this flash down or up. You can rotate it around on your camera as well. It has a nice LCD display on the back with several different modes and adjustments and this is a TTL flash which stands for through the lens, which means that the camera will adjust for exposure depending on the settings that you have on your camera and this flash which just saves you time because you don't have to fire some test shots before taking your actual shot, so definitely. A good investment. Very compact, easy to take with you when you travel, and it's pretty inexpensive as well.

#5 is better audio and you guys have probably seen this in countless previous videos, but what I use is the Zoom H1 audio recorder and a lavalier mic that I'm using right now. I use it for all of my YouTube videos and I found that the sound is much much better than trying to use in camera audio or a shotgun microphone. Now zoom recently released an updated model to this recorder. Which I haven't used yet, but I hear it does just as well as this one, so check that out. If you guys are looking to upgrade your audio and the benefit of this is that you don't have to have a microphone port on your camera to use it, so those of you who have a 6 thousands or 851 hundreds could still benefit from a huge audio performance upgrade 

#6 and the most expensive accessory on my list is a gimbal. This is it right? Here this is the Zion Crane. Two and it is overkill for the A6000. This thing can hold up to 9.1 pounds. You guys can check out my review with all the specifications. This thing is amazing for shooting stable video, there's no micro jitters. There's no shake. Nothing that you have to worry about. The battery lasts forever. Honestly it's like 18 hour battery life on this thing. Just amazing for super smooth cinematic shots. It's expensive, yes, granted, but it's one of those pieces of equipment that once you buy. I don't ever plan on needing to upgrade this just because it does everything, it's compact, it comes with a nice carrying case that you can pack up and take with you. Obviously it's pretty big, but for the results that it produces it's well worth caring around with you.

#7: this is my tripod that I've used for many years now. My wife is holding the camera right now, so you might see a little bit more shakiness, and that's the idea, because this is what keeps all of my shots table. I use it all the time. The greatest thing about this tripod is the head, so using it is super easy. You have a plate for the bottom, you screw it onto your camera. You slide it into place just like that. It's stable now.

This thing comes with a remote, which is impressive on its own. So what you do is you will open up the flap on one side of your camera. Take this little micro USB connection, plug that in, and now. What you have is full control of your camera through this remote, so you can zoom in or out using this remote you can see it zooming on the camera. In and out it's nice and smooth, at least with the power zoom lens you can start and stop recording. You can take a photo, there's a recording video to take a photo. You just flip this switch. Actually just push it down. You can do gridlines just to line up your shots. There's a power button so you could turn the camera off.

Now the other benefit of having this controller here is not only is it easier for you to do things like pan and zoom, but it also allows you some more leverage so that your shots are a lot more fluid because you have this whole arm now. The actual head of this tripod is some sort of fluid head. It's not an actual fluid head, but it's buttery, buttery smooth. You can adjust the resistance using the knobs here and here. I'll show you some shots of what you can get as far as smooth pans and tilts. This is a tripod again that I've used for years and it has been amazing. Well worth the price tag that I paid for years ago.

Another thing that I like about this tripod is just how lightweight it is and how easy it is to collapse and take with you. So what I do is typically roll this down and then I take all of these. Levers and open them up. And then just flip it upside down. And you let gravity do the work. And that's it. Very compact, very lightweight package. Highly recommended against VR one and I'll post a link down below. Alright so that is it for my top 7 accessories for the Sony A6000.